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Custom made Toronto Golf Grips

Inexpensive grip options
Rubber Grips
Undersize/Standard - $7.00+HST
Midsize - $8.00+HST
Oversize - $9.00+HST
Cord Grips
Undersize/Standard - $8.00+HST
Midsize - $9.00+HST
Oversize - $10.00+HST
Putter Grips
Standard - $10.00+HST
Oversize - $11.00+HST
Installation fees are included for these grips.

Axglo Putter Grip A3.0


Axglo Slim A3.0 Putter is designed for consistent stroke throughout your game with enhanced feel, increased surface area, and increased tackiness with cross traction technology pattern

Price - Installation fees are included
A3.0 - $23.00+HST
Installation fees is included for this grip.
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