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Golf Club Regrip & Repair Services

Regrip Service

  • Golf Pride, Winn, Superstroke and custom logoed grips are available.

  • Installation fee - $3/club plus price of new grip, $5/club plus customer provided grip.

  • It takes approximately 3 minutes per clubs to 7 days depending inventory status. Deposits may be required if we need to order.

  • Please contact us and confirm the product you want is in stock and make a reservation to reduce waiting time.​

Shorten Clubs

  • No extra charge with purchasing new grip

  • $10/club - save grip

Shaft Extensions

  • $15/club

Re-shaft (Steel/Graphite)

  • $15/club plus price of new shaft

  • $25/club - bore through head

  • $25/club with customer provided shaft

Golf Club Lie & Loft Adjustment

 * Adjustment may not be possible depending on the material of the Iron/Putter head and hosel.

  • $5/club

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